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Chimney Masonry Repairs and Services in Halifax, Dartmouth and Surrounding Areas

Five Star Roofing & Masonry offers chimney masonry for commercial and residential properties in Halifax, Dartmouth, Lower Sackville and surrounding areas up to a radius of 75 km. We offer the following services:

Repairing and Rebuilding

As years pass, the elements take a toll on your chimney. It’s important to keep up with routine repairs to ensure your chimney is safe and efficient. If your chimney is beyond simple repairs, then a complete rebuild might be the answer.

Metal Flashing

Metal flashing around your chimney keeps it watertight. If you notice leaks or water stains on your ceiling near your chimney, metal flashing may be the solution you need. Install metal flashings if the old ones are severely damaged or rusted.

Stainless Steel Liners

For a durable way to protect your chimney, try stainless steel liners. Stainless steel liners are corrosion resistant and effectively seal cracks.


On your chimney, brick can easily last 100 or more years, but the mortar joints only 25 years before repairs are necessary. Repointing is one way of keeping your chimney in full repair. It requires an assessment of the damage, removal of the existing mortar, replacement with new mortar, and application of a waterproof sealant.

Rain Caps

Chimney rain caps keep your chimney from being destroyed on the inside by the rain, snow, or other elements. A cap can also keep fire sparks from escaping and landing on the roof. Birds, squirrels, and other animals are also prevented from nesting in your chimney or entering your home.

Metal Chimneys

Metal chimneys are an energy-efficient choice for wood, oil, coal, or gas appliances. The stainless steel allows for rapid stabilization of strong drafts and heats quickly for maximum exhaust. Metal chimneys come with many components in order to meet diverse installation requirements.

If you would like to know more about the masonry services and products you see here, contact Five Star Roofing & Masonry. We are more than happy to explain the potential benefits available when you take care of your masonry. Request a free estimate to start planning your project.


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