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TruDefinition® Duration® Shingles - View PDF

Owens Corning® Duration® Shingles

For shingled roofs, Five Star Roofing & Masonry depends on Owens Corning® Duration®. Find details on colors and shingle specifications by taking a look at their brochures.

TruDefinition® Duration® Shingles with SureNail® Technology

TruDefinition® Duration® Shingles Duration Designer

   Colors™ Collection

NovaSeal® - View PDF

NovaSeal® Synthetic Roof Underlayments

NovaSeal® Roof Underlayments are designed to protect roof decks while providing a superior life cycle for the primary roof product. This product is climate friendly, cost effective, and energy efficient. You can read more about NovaSeal® in their brochure.

WeatherPro Ridge - view PDF

WeatherPro Ridge

For smoother airflow over the ridge line of your roof, PRORidge Airfoil is great choice. If offers maximum ventilation from the attic space. It also deflects blown debris while internal baffles and drainage openings direct away extreme weather. Read more about PRORidge Airfoil here.

IKO ArmourGard Ice & Water Protector

IKO ArmourGard Ice & Water Protector

Five Star Roofing & Masonry relies on IKO ArmourGard Ice & Water Protector. This product is used for waterproofing under shingled roofs. It’s great for preventing water left by ice dams or wind-driven rain from penetrating the roof. our team also uses it as an underlayment around chimneys, dormers, vent stacks, skylights, and other structures of the roof. It can also protect doors and windows along with foundations and basements.

IKO Leading Edge Plus

IKO Leading Edge Plus

IKO Leading Edge Plus is a type of starter strip that is conveniently fast and easy to apply. With a sealant strip along the bottom edge of the starter strip, IKO Leading Edge Plus protects shingle ends against wind damage. This reduces the probability of shingles being blown off the roof.

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